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Initially there is no cost to any student for basic information about applying to universities. For students who want to take advantage of University Study's special relationships with universities there will be a one-time $500 (USD) processing fee to process up to three applications. Student's that enroll at select universities will have fifty percent of this cost refunded.
University Study offers a free University Search that allows students to search for a university by Field of Study (Major) and Degree program. A university list will then be generated that will best fit your interests. Complete the Contact Us form so that we can provide the best universities for you.
University Study places international students at universities around the world. University Study staff have many years of experience assisting students to find the best university. The staff is experienced in application processing, identifying scholarships, and assisting students in finding a university that fits their needs. For more information please check out our Student Overview Section.
Yes! There are many universities that are interested in students with good grades from non-English speaking countries.
Yes! Most universities will ask you to take one of these English Language tests as part of the application process. Others will provide an opportunity to study English once you are attending a university.
Yes! Most universities are SACM approved. When using the University Search feature, universities that are SACM approved will be indicated in the overview section.
Yes! Many universities are interested in international students for one or two semesters. University Study will help you find the best university for your study abroad experience.
Most universities are very interested in undergraduate transfers and many offer scholarships for students with a strong GPA. To receive more information, please contact University Study.
Most universities require school transcripts in English, proof of graduation, passport copy, financial statements and other documents. University Study will help you with all the needed documents.
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